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How We Work

When you contact us to request counselling we will offer you an initial assessment interview with our Counselling Manager.  In this way we can find out what you are hoping for from counselling and decide whether the help we offer is appropriate for you.  If our manager feels that you would benefit from counselling, we will place you on our waiting list, on payment of the registration fee of £5.  This will be deducted from the cost of your first session, but is non-returnable should you subsequently decide not to take up the offer of counselling.

Counselling Sessions

The Manager will assign you to a counsellor who will contact you to arrange the date and time of your first session.  We will offer you six sessions to begin with.  On the fifth session your counsellor will review progress with you and you will come to a mutual decision about whether to continue on.  There is no upper limit for the number of sessions you can have.  Sessions are arranged on an appointment basis, and each session lasts for one hour. 

Our service is offered all year round although we are closed at Christmas and Easter, and many of our counsellors choose to take a break from counselling for a few weeks in the summer.

Our Counsellors

All of our counsellors are trained.  Some have completed a diploma in counselling and others are studying for diplomas.  Our counsellors also have ongoing regular training to ensure that their skills and knowledge are kept up-to-date.  All are supervised regularly by a more experienced counsellor.  All work voluntarily for Olive Branch.


We are affiliated to the Association of Christian Counsellors (ACC) and all of our counsellors work within their Code of Ethics and Practice.  Anything you share with your counsellor will be treated as strictly confidential.  Although counsellors will discuss issues that arise during counselling with their supervisor, they will not reveal who their clients are.  The only exception to this would arise if your counsellor considered you or someone else to be "at risk".  In this situation your counsellor may be required to take some form of action, and the involvement of the Chairperson of Olive Branch Counselling may be necessary.  If this should happen, your counsellor would discuss this with you.